Missions and Ministry

  • Mexico mission—We have been active in Mexico since 1992 in various communities.  Our current area of support is in Jimenez, Taumalipas, Mexico.  This congregation is active in their community, providing worship and Bible teachings to the people living there.
  • We also support the Southern Christian Home for children in Morrilton, Arkansas. This facility provides a home-like atmosphere for troubled children and young people. While living at the campus, the children attend public school and participate in an active agricultue program that includes the children showing livestock at local shows.
  • We support an ongoing work inTuba City, Arizona. This work focuses on the local Native American population around Tuba City. This work has been ongoing for several years.
  • We provide financial support to a work in Africa. A local missionary from the Paris area is active in this work and travels AFrica each year to support this work. The program provides preachers as well as providing support to a school that teaches young men to become preachers of the Gospel.